Month: January 2016

I’ll admit it.  Math was never my best subject in school. What can I say? I’m very right-brained.  Math homework would stress me out and sometimes make me cry or give me a stomach ache. So, I find it humorous that one of my favorite things to do as an adult is Sudoku puzzles.  I […]

I had no idea! My hat is off to you if you have successfully registered your kid or kids for school. At this point I think I have to go to two different places to hand stuff in. And I’m not even 100% sure what I should turn in at each place, so I’m just […]

I had a marvelous time on my trip home to New York. Trains are the way to go. Wonderful to be met at Penn Station by my most favorite man in the world! One big treat was going to Daryl Hall’s restaurant for brunch. (The picture above is of the inside.) Of course he has his house […]

As of this moment, I have 217 pictures on my phone. At least half of them are pictures of beer. Same thing on my Facebook page. Lots of beer pictures. The picture at the top of this post is one of them.  I have mentioned at this blog before that Ann and I are beer […]

A dear friend of mine always gives me a thoughtful gift for Christmas each year. This year she gave me a gift card to Wild Birds Unlimited.  She knows I’m a big birder and Wild Birds is one of my favorite shops. I decided to use it to buy “gourmet” bird seed. It is the […]

YouTube has done a great service in preserving the kind of stuff that used to disappear forever before there was anyplace to put it. For example, there are thousands, maybe millions, of hours of TV commercials on YouTube–and some of the most interesting ones are for record albums and concerts. There’s a two-minute spot for […]

If your household is like mine…we try to make dinner close to every night. Between the cost of eating out, the unhealthy food choices you can make when dinner isn’t prepared, and the fact that you’ve got leftovers for lunch the next day…it just makes sense. But we’re a two-working-parent household. It’s either got to be prepared the night before, […]

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