Jillene’s Blog: The Most Powerful Thing in the World

Written by on March 9, 2018

Last weekend was our first Magic 98 Women’s Wellness Retreat, and I am happy to report that I survived doing Tae Bo with Billy Blanks! How cool is that, to be able to say I did Tae Bo with the man who created it and became a household name? The coolest part is that it was so much more than a workout. After the workout, Billy had us all come close together on our mats in a small group, and he talked to us about the struggles he faced as a young man, how he created Tae Bo, his faith in God, and more.

There were several things he said that made me say, “ohhhh” aloud, along with a dramatic head-tilt (you know the look, when something “clicks”). One of the “a-ha” moments that sticks out to me the most is when Billy asked our group, “What’s the most powerful thing in the world?” Someone responded with “love.” Billy said, “I wish love was the most powerful thing in the world.” Money? Nope. The most powerful thing in the world is words.

Words are the most powerful thing in the world. They have the ability to help or hurt, and you have to decide which words you are going to use when you talk to yourself. Your words determine your actions! If you say to yourself, “I don’t know why I’m applying for this job, I’m never going to get it!” you may not get it. If you say to yourself, “I’m never going to be successful with (insert challenge here)!” you may never be successful. Change your words, and you’ll ultimately change your actions. Keep your words positive and uplifting, and you too will find positive results and an uplifting attitude toward life.

To see pictures from our workout with Billy and the rest of the Magic 98 Women’s Wellness Retreat, click here. Also, you can e-mail me anytime at Jillene@magic98.com or reach out on Facebook.

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