Kathryn’s Blog: Tea Time

Written by on January 8, 2019

Did you realize that happiness is an achievement? It’s true and I learned it on my tea tag yesterday. I’ve been drinking Yogi tea almost every day for months now because green tea is so good for you. Berry DeTox is my favorite, I don’t have to add anything to be able to drink it! Joint Comfort, also pretty good. A cup a day to help good digestion and getting rid of those free radicals floating around making trouble! It was not until last week though that I noticed there was a groovy message on every tea bag. When I was growing up in NJ, I lived in a neighborhood of tea drinkers and only Salada was allowed in our kitchen. They had tea lines too, but for the life of me I can’t remember any of them! Then a few years back, a friend of mine opened an Irish tea/gift shop and made me my very first cup of Barry’s Gold Blend tea and that is now my ‘drink’ forever. I even send away to Ireland to get it fresh from the factory they process it in. I get a charge out of the tea pot covered package arriving from overseas. It’s always super fresh and they always send a thank you card, too. They do carry it at the Woodman’s on the East side, but it’s not always there. My friend showed me how to make it, pour over one tea bag boiling water,  as soon as it turns the deep deep red, you take it out and add sugar and milk. Lots of caffeine, and oh so smooth! It’s the best. Even Bono says so and he’s Irish.

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