Jillene’s Blog: Don’t Should Yourself

Written by on September 15, 2020

Don’t “should” on yourself.
There are a lot of things we can look back on in life and think… “I should have…” Those three words can haunt us! Since we can’t go back in time, we can start doing things we’ve always wanted to do now so we don’t ever have to should on ourselves again.
For me, I wanted to spend more time outside. I loved riding my bicycle as a kid, but in my older (and wiser) years, it has gotten less fun (thanks, hills!). I’ve heard a lot of my friends talk about E-bikes, so I decided to look into it… and, as you may have heard me talking about on Magic 98, I am in love with my new E-bike! My old bike used to sit in my apartment and become a make-shift clothes dryer in the summer and in the winter, it’d be covered in dust in the basement. These days, with my new E-bike, I’m riding day and night… sometimes a couple times a day! I spend most of my weekends riding the Lake Loop or exploring a new bike path. We are so lucky to have so many different paths in Madison! You may have lived in Madison for a long time (or a lifetime), but you haven’t really seen Madison until you’ve seen it from the bike paths.
If you’re looking for an E-bike, check out Crazy Lenny’s in Madison. That’s where I got mine… and where I met the Crazy Lenny. Really, the only thing he’s crazy about is E-bikes!
Let me know if you have questions about mine… which, I think I’ve officially named Eleanor. “El,” for short – like, electric! My brother thinks her middle name should be Blu. That’d make her initials “EB,” as in electric bike! (If you can’t tell, we like to name our bikes, cars, plants, really anything in our family.)
If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ll see me posting more about my adventures… there’s lots of summer left to ride your E-bike! Don’t should on yourself and check this out. You know you want to…

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