Joe on Vacation

This is my turtle, Joe, catching a few rays of afternoon sunshine on his “mermaid island.”  This little island was a gift that a good friend had ordered online many moons ago – because I liked mermaids so much.  It came with a treasure chest, 6 mermaids and it floats.  I have since misplaced those extra accessories, but I've used the island in a kiddie pool and the bath tub.  Mostly, it just sits dry dock in my studio. 
Joe has the option of going on his island every day, but he often chooses to just sit on one of his many driftwood logs I have placed around my apartment.  He also really likes it under the old, claw foot bath tub.  The other day he found a jar of magenta dye that had mysteriously rolled under my desk and he “painted” the floor with his body.  Not bad for a first try, but I'll wait until he gets some lessons before I share his work with you.