Pat & Lanette Mornings

The Magic 98 Morning Show is hosted by Pat O’Neill and Lanette Hansen. Lanette is on maternity leave until mid-October, and in the meantime, Julie Jacobs is filling in with Pat! You can reach them on the phone (321-0098 or 1-800-708-0098) or at

  • The Clock Radio Classic is on at 6AM – what song would you like?
  • News 3 Weather Center Chief Meteorologist Gary “Indiana” Cannalte provides the forecast.
  • Get an update on the traffic every 30 minutes (between 7 and 9) or sooner if something happens that you need to know about.
  • Win a cash prize of $6.50 (or something you actually want) if you guess correctly on 6:50 Trivia.
  • Have a hand on your car horn on Fridays for the 8 o’Clock Honk, the unofficial start of the weekend.