Month: September 2014

Whenever one of our listeners asks me about my turtle Joe,  I realize it’s been too long since I reported on him. This is just another day in the life of my little buddy.  He’ll sit on his little palm tree island, legs stretched out behind him, to catch a few rays.  Then he follows me around […]

I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan across the lake from Chicago.  Very few people know this, but it has some of the most spectacular sunsets in the United States.  It’s actually known as the Sunset Coast and each year hundreds of photographers from around the world come to photograph those sunsets along […]

I like to think I’m a good enough cook to no longer have to use measuring spoons or cups and to know exactly what spice each dish needs to kick it up a notch.  But a little reminder and confidence booster is always a good thing.  For example, I never thought of using cheese to […]

Most of us like variety in the foods we eat.  I know I do.  I can’t eat salmon EVERY night of the week.  I also find it challenging to flip through recipe books or go to this website or that website to find new recipes.  Who has the time to do that, really?  So, once […]

This is one of my entries for the very first Celebrity Plate Auction for the River Food Pantry .  Fellow Magic 98 worker, Pat Gallagher, is in charge of the Harvest Dinner, a fundraiser that helps feed over 600 families each week. The dinner and plate auction is October 8 at The River Food Pantry, 2201 Darwin Road,  in Madison.  He is […]

With the days getting shorter and chillier I’m reminded of how important sunshine really is to boost our moods.  There are other ways to get that kick during the autumn and winter months without having to invest in a sun lamp.  Diet is especially important when it comes to how we feel.  Eat junk, feel […]

If there is one sound that will forever make me melancholy it’s the sound of crickets at twilight in late summer, early fall.  Every year in late August when they start their chirping it immediately takes me back to childhood and the impending start of another school year.  Crickets meant having to go to bed […]

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am obsessed about food safety.  I’m afraid of gas station sandwiches.  I don’t order sunny side up eggs at restaurants.  And I go through enough kitchen hand soap in a year to turn the Atlantic Ocean into a bubble bath.  And when the […]

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