Month: July 2018

A little over a month ago I posted a blog asking if there was any interest in reading a “Dog Blog” every week where I would feature a listener question about dog behavior or health or training or other dog related issues or fun things to do with your dog.  I received a lot of […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is 10-month old, Cameron from Waunakee! He was nominated by  his grandma, Mary, who says… “Cameron is the happiest little baby boy! He is always smiling and he just went to his first Brewers game and loved it!! We all love him so much!” Cameron has won $25 for his piggy bank from Madison […]

I grew up blocks away from the county fairgrounds in my hometown. We were so close that most summer nights during the fair, if I wasn’t at them, I was falling asleep to the demolition derby and tractor pull roars. When I was in my early 20s, I worked for the county license center (aka […]

A few weeks ago at Concerts on the Square, Magic 98 fan and friend, Kurt Sonnenburg, stopped by Magic 98‘s VIP table to share his fantastic salmon spread. He and his wife, Monika, set up a brunch table to write home about! He could open his own restaurant. Every one of our guests loved the salmon […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is two-year-old, River, from Oregon! She was nominated by her mom, Natasha, who says… “River is our adventurous little girl. She loves her two dogs, and she really loves her brother. She is a happy girl who is obsessed with ‘Moana’ and ‘Paw Patrol,’ and she loves to play at the park. She […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is one-year-old, Aubrielle, from Edgerton! She was nominated by her mom, Ashley, who says… “Aubrie is our greatest blessing! She loves to explore, read books, climb stairs, and splash around in her kiddie pool. She loves to eat foods of all kinds, but fruits are her favorite. She is a total daddy’s […]

This blog was to be posted after I became a mom of three. So… seeing that’s probably the case, you can bet on the fact that I haven’t gotten much sleep but am happy as heck to not be pregnant anymore. It was so hard to wait for this little girl but I’m thrilled to […]

This weekend, our clan grew by one furry family member… say hello to Thomas the kitty! (He’s actually a five-year-old mature cat, but more on that in a second.) Thomas isn’t exactly a stranger either, we have history! Here’s the story: shortly before my fiancé, Leah, and I started dating, she adopted Thomas as a […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is eight-month-old, Daisy, from Sun Prairie! She was nominated by her mom, Emily, who says… “Daisy is the chunkiest, cutest, most friendly baby! She loves to swing and play with her two older brothers, and always has a smile on her face.” Daisy has won $25 for her piggy bank from Madison Property Management and treats, […]

I was noodling through Facebook the other day where I watched a video of a few things that Coca-Cola will clean. Years and years ago, once I learned Coke would take the paint off a car, I stopped drinking all soda. Truly, I thought perhaps this video was a spoof. Thing is, I love my […]

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