Episode 33 – How To Get Your Pre-Baby Body and Youthful Skin Back!

Shanna and Krista chat with Erika Mulhall owner of Nurturher Aesthetic about how to get your baby body and youthful skin back!

Bio: Ericka Mulhall, Creator & Owner of NurturHer Nurse Anesthetist, APNP, Aesthetic Injector

As a nurse anesthetist for over 12 years and a nurse for 16 years, Ericka brings her passion for patient care and cultivating trusting relationships with the art of aesthetics to help you see your innermost beauty. After years of her own physical and emotional transformation her experiences allow her to identify with her patients on a deeper level. What she sees is translated through the needle to give you the confidence you deserve.

Ericka has a particular interest in regenerative aesthetics and using the body’s own innate abilities slow signs of aging. She is always researching new ways to approach your concerns and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Aesthetics isn’t meant to be a recipe, it’s an art. She approaches her treatment plans a lot like her cooking- a little bit of this and a little bit of that. If you haven’t seen her 3 tier fondant birthday cakes, ask her next time! Her favorite place to treat is the under eye tear trough area.

Weird fact about Ericka: She hums while she injects!

An entrepreneur at heart, Ericka brings her knowledge of the market, what the community needs and her creativity to the aesthetic industry. She is passionate about building a brand that is unique and speaks from the heart about how she grew NurturHer from her vision and a dream.