Episode 35 – Secure Your Children’s Future: The Value of an Estate Plan

Shanna and Krista chat with Estate Attorney John Horn of “Horn & Johnson SC Estate Planning Center of Wisconsin” about the importance of having an estate plan when having children.

John A. Horn a shareholder and co-founder of Horn & Johnsen SC. John earned a doctorate of law in 1991 and is a highly experienced attorney in his 33rd year as a member of the Wisconsin Bar. He has assisted thousands of families in Estate Planning, including business succession work, as well as probate and private death administration. John graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1991. He then served two years as a court commissioner and judicial clerk in Wausau, Wisconsin. In 1993, John began private practice in Madison doing anything put before him, including high profile cases appearing in the print and television news. In 1998, he dedicated his practice to chiefly Trust-based planning and Will-based planning. In 2005, John started his own firm. John’s experience is broad-based and substantial with clients ranging from successful Mom-and-Pop business owners to multi-millionaires requiring advanced estate planning techniques to adults and children with special needs. John has written several major appeals, two of which were ordered by the court to be published. John is a frequent speaker at estate planning workshops throughout Southern Wisconsin and the United States. John has co-authored an estate planning book with his law partner, Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy, as well as numerous nationally-published articles. The book is available on Amazon and in most southern Wisconsin libraries. John traveled the jungles of Colombia for a year and spoke five languages, but has forgotten two of them—Russian and French. He is re-learning Portuguese currently.