Month: January 2014

Super Bowl Sunday is not far off, and at our house, we’ll revisit our annual tradition:  Super Bowl Chili. I’ve made a pot of some kind of chili for every Super Bowl game since 1984, so this is the 31st annual. The recipe changes from year to year.  When the tradition began, it was a […]

Though I would not want to be working outside fixing telephone poles, I really LIKE winter a lot.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with the angle of the earth that makes the sun’s light seem a brighter white.  Even without the snow, it’s a much clearer light … and then there’s the clean crisp air […]

Loss and grief are two powerful, powerful forces.  They can grip your gut and take you down in a moment’s notice.  And it doesn’t matter if your loss was 10 days ago or 10 years ago.  Grief has a way of sticking around to haunt you in your lonliest times,  but it can also empower you to do […]

I readily admit I am somewhat of a germaphobe.  I understand that a healthy dose of unhealthy germs is necessary to built up our immunity but there are some illnesses that I absolutely refuse to let come in contact with my body.  Those germs are the ones that cause any type of gastrointestinal distress such […]

As I have written here before, I am a beer and wine tourist.  Ann and I will take off on a weekend afternoon just to visit some winery or brewery in the area, and when we travel farther afield, we always bring a list of likely spots to hit along the way. (Some smart economist […]

Everett started Toddler Time at Monona Grove Nursery School (same place that my siblings and I went.)  We finally got the dang carpets cleaned. Two dogs and a cat that we’ve managed to keep healthy and happy.  My brother and Julie got married! My grandma Hansen  turned 92! The furnace and both our cars pooped out on […]

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