Month: December 2014

It is never fun to get sick, but it’s down right awful at Christmas time! I have no idea who ‘gifted’ me with this bug, but I’ve been laying low so I don’t gift it to anyone else!  I have had several requests for my shortbread recipe. So here it is as promised!  I’ve tried something new this year […]

The year was 1997. I was out of radio, working for a publishing company. My wife, who had spent the last several years managing a retail store, was working for an insurance company. For many years before, Christmas Eve had been a regular working day for both of us. I would almost always be on […]

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is White Christmas.  Call me corny but I love everything about it.  The era, the clothes, Vera Ellen’s dancing, Rosemary Clooney’s singing, Bing and Danny.  Sigh.  It’s just dreamy.  There is a song in that movie called “Count Your Blessings”.  Irving Berlin wrote it.  I wonder if he […]

I just got an email from a friend that said, ‘Lanette … update your blog.  Otherwise it looks like you’re dangerously overdue.’  It took me a second … ‘Oh yeah!  I have a blog!’  Lately it seems as if my mind and my body are in two different places at all times, but it’s all […]

It’s not just that I enjoy baking, I really enjoy creating my very own recipes.  I’d like a dollar for every friend who says “you should write a cook book!”  In fact, I have just started, in earnest, to at least put all my scribbled notes in order and type them up.  I have quite a pile!   I also […]

​I think it’s fun to share my hobby with my friends.  There are so many photos that I take when I see something worth shooting, but so many times what I saw and what the camera recorded are so different that they get deleted before I get home.  I just took the this photo the other day.  It’s probably one of […]

Consider the office Christmas party. Your employer forks out for dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant, and you can let your hair down for a while with your fellow compadres. Sounds like a good thing—so how come so many parties are so awful?   Maybe 25 years ago, the owner of the radio station I worked for […]

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