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Written by on June 14, 2019

I am fresh from my vacation to Ireland with a group of Magic 98 listeners and I will tell you that it was by far one of the best trips I have ever taken. I fell in love with Ireland, the people, the culture, the brogue, the beauty of the landscape. And we got to see it all thanks to Collette, who put it all together for us.

We started out in Dublin in a beautiful hotel for two nights. We took in dinner and a show that night and the next day enjoyed either a bus or walking tour of this ancient city. On our downtime I was able to take in a museum and sit and read the local paper at a pub off the tourist path where the locals meet.

Then it was on to the Kilkenny and Waterford to shop and discover more history and beauty.

The Ring of Kerry was a highlight for me. A circle drive around some of the most breathtaking countryside you’ll ever see. At a stop at one of the smooth as glass lakes there was a woman playing a harp, the national symbol of Ireland. It was like a scene from a movie or something out of a dream. It was an amazing moment.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, we made a stop at the Cliffs of Moher the next morning. We made it there before all the other tourists so it was peaceful and quiet. All you could hear were the birds singing in the distance, maybe the faint lowing of a cow in the pasture next to the cliffs. It was quite a spiritual experience for me and I will never forget that moment.

To cap off the end of our Ireland tour Collette arranged for us to spend our last night in a castle. Cabra Castle in Kingscourt. There we witnessed a bride walking up the castle steps to her groom serenaded by a bagpiper. I was moved to tears.

Had I planned this trip myself I truly believe I would not have done or seen all the amazing things about Ireland. Leaving it in the hands of Collette took the worry and stress out of everything. Four and five star hotels, phenomenal dinners and breakfasts, a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide and driver were all a part of the package. All the details were taken care of from the flights to each day’s schedule. I didn’t have anything to do but enjoy it all. I would do it all over again with Collette. If you would love to plan a trip to see the Emerald Isle, I highly recommend touring with Collette! And if you would like to get on the next Collette tour to the Imperial Cities (Prague, Vienna, and Budapest) we have coming up next spring click here.

Ginger Martin

I’m still getting back to my normal routine after returning from Ireland a few days ago (jet lag is no joke!). Ginger Martin and I were lucky enough to be a part of the “Shades of Ireland” tour with Collette, along with a fun crew of Magic 98 listeners. It was such a wonderful trip, with many memories made. From castles, to cows, to fish n chips to traditional music to learning how to make an authentic Irish coffee, we did it all! Collette didn’t miss any details, and it was only the best for us in our hotels and dining. I don’t like not having a fresh pot of tea and full breakfast laid out in front of me every morning now that I’m home! That was easy to get used to in Ireland! I even had some Bailey’s in my oatmeal one morning. Yum!

I was able to bring along my husband, Scott, thanks to wonderful friends and family who took care of our kids, Kieran and Cora, while we were gone, shuffling them where they needed to be. This was the longest amount of time Scott and I have been gone from our kids, and we felt a bit of parent guilt (especially because we would be gone on Cora’s 7th birthday!), so we asked them to choose a small stuffie of theirs, and we would bring them along and take pics, so the kids felt like they were a part of our trip. It ended up being so much fun! Everybody on our trip got used to us pulling out and setting up Fred the Fox and Arctic the Polar Bear at scenic stops. They kind of became the trip mascots! And at they even brought a new Irish stuffed friend home with them to add to the family.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend travelling with Collette, and I hope to again in the future! Magic 98 is teaming up with Collette to bring you another exciting trip in 2020, “The Imperial Cities” tour. Jillene Khan will be leading another group of Magic 98 listeners to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna in April. Click here to get more info on that!

Julie Jacobs

See pictures from the “Shades of Ireland” tour below…

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