Month: August 2017

Meet Hayley, Magic 98‘s latest Kid of the Week. She’s six months old and she lives in Verona. She was nominated by her mom, Ashley. Hayley says, “I love green beans and carrots and to give hugs. My older sister is starting to like me now that I can do more entertaining things like throwing […]

Eli is eight months old, he lives in Baraboo, and he is our latest Kid of the Week. He was nominated by his mom, Amanda, who says, “Eli is a happy, fun baby. He is smiling all the time, except bedtime.” Eli wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more […]

“I feel weird,” Madea said. “Me too,” I said. It was three minutes until the total eclipse in Princeton, Kentucky. The sky was turning dark, and a 360-degree orange sunset was descending. The sun through our eclipse glasses was reduced to a tiny, shrinking sliver. But what was most notable at that moment was the […]

What the heck is a doot, you ask? Nuts, dark chocolate chunks, cherries, and coconut all snugged up in a little compostable wrapper. No gluten and no preservatives! It’s my own creation and it’s not a cookie, scone, tart, brownie, bar, doughnut, bicsuit, cracker, pastry, or cake, so I made up my own name. It […]

Meet Michael from Madison, Magic 98‘s latest Kid of the Week. He’s almost eight months old, and was nominated by his mother, Sondra. She says, “Michael was born last year on Christmas Day. He was three weeks early, so it was a huge surprise! He was named after my father who passed away, which means […]

Still being green in the world of school supply shopping, I wanted to get an idea of how much it was gonna cost for Everett’s kindergarten list. I went on Amazon and put everything in my cart. OK, not bad—$93. I left it there until the day I felt like spending almost $100 on glue […]

Jordan is our latest Kid of the Week. He’s two, he lives in Madison, and he was nominated by his mom, Jessica. She says: “Jordan is a very loving and energetic kid. He loves Mickey Mouse, and he is the best brother to his two sisters, Jayda and Jazzmyn.” Jordan wins prizes from Madison Property […]

Providence. It’s a word that doesn’t really get used that often anymore. Maybe people don’t believe in it. Maybe we’re all too busy to even recognize it when we see it. But today, providence hit me like a gentle brick wall. I had just set out on the sidewalk from my house to take Truman […]

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