Month: July 2020

I have seen more rainbows this summer than I have throughout my entire life. Maybe it’s because the Universe knows I’m looking for the light. And for once, I’m actually listening to cues on how to find it, instead of thinking I have all the answers. Even though I dislike the word, I’m on a […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is 15 month-old, Cashton, from Oregon! He was nominated by his Grandma, Renee, who says… “He is such a joy to be around. He’s happy and funny and learns really fast. He loves Puppy Dog Pals, Mickey Mouse, and Wheel of Fortune. He likes it outside a lot and […]

That time when it didn’t go so well…  

If you don’t know the difference between a quilt and a duvet, if you don’t get word jokes, or if you’re concerned about having weak gardening skills, maybe Magic 98’s Robot Therapist can help you.  

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is 20 month-old, Liam, from Verona! He was nominated by his Grandpa, Randy, who says… “Liam and his parents are staying with us so his parents can do there work while gramma watches him. Liam is very talkative. And loves helping. He loves watering grammas flowers, filling the bird […]

A year can crawl by… and flash before our eyes. It’s one of life’s many paradoxes. I took a long 4th of July week/weekend to celebrate the last year. My niece, June, officially turned one and I wanted to be there to celebrate. Things were obviously different this year and we didn’t get to have […]

With the resurgence of going to the movies by the car load, it was brought to my mind just how much fun drive in theaters are! I was a teenager then and it was a great date night. I will never forget Artie coming to pick me up, a bottle of ‘Tango’ tucked away with […]

Monica from Madison ignored her son when he was crying for help…  

Megan from Beloit forced her daughter to dance and it didn’t turn out well…    

Proof that everyone’s job has been affected by the pandemic.

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